Client Testimonials

My husband and I were looking to completely make over our home, and we couldn’t have found a better team to work with than Butterfly Remodeling Group. The initial meeting went great, as the staff made us feel instantly comfortable. They made a point of letting us know they were going to pay close attention to our budget restrictions and otherwise give us exactly what we wanted without cutting corners or taking five months to complete the job.


Our home remodel project included an exterior paint job, the renovations of two bathrooms, and a total kitchen makeover. We love our house, but we didn’t love the tacky bathroom paneling, old rugs, and hideous mirrors that were there when we moved in. We also didn’t love the small kitchen, which featured a serious lack of cabinets and counterspace. All of these problems and more were rectified by Butterfly Remodeling Group, who left no detail unfinished and did the work quickly without being sloppy. They were available whenever we had questions or concerns, and by the end of the project they felt like family! Everyone was friendly, professional, and very dedicated to doing the best work possible. It couldn’t have gone better--we’ve actually never worked with a remodeling company that made the process so seamless and stress-free.


Butterfly Remodeling Group is the Los Angeles-area company to work with when you’re renovating your home. They treat every project the same, regardless of scope and budget. You’ll never feel pressured to invest in features you don’t want or need, nor will you find “surprises” on your final invoice. They’re up front with you about everything from start to project finish. It’s fantastic.

Heather Z

My wife and I were interested in completely overhauling our children’s bathroom. We have three kids, and the room simply did not provide the space they need, especially since two of them are teenagers! There was a big closet next to the bathroom, and we decided to use for expansion purposes. This obviously involved knocking down a wall without injuring any piping, so we knew we had to find the best of the very best.

I was pleased to find Butterfly Remodeling Group when searching for remodeling companies in Manhattan Beach, and happily showed my wife my discovery. She was equally thrilled at the company’s apparent professionalism and dedication, something that was solidified when we contacted them for a quote. The amount of work we got for a low, bathroom remodel was outstanding, as team members made a point of showing us which features to invest in and what were hardly worth serious money. The result is a beautiful, enormous bathroom that gives our tweens and teens plenty of room to get ready for school or a school event. They each have their own sink and counter space, personalized shelving and hooks, and an awesome shower/bath combination they just adore.

Butterfly Remodeling Group took our budget constraints seriously and provided us with the amazing work we wanted without taking forever and a week. Team members were friendly and personable yet very professional and clearly knowledgeable. They put their wisdom and experience to excellent use--we will definitely hire them again for any remodeling job! My wife wants to remodel the kitchen next, and I’m excited to once again work with a staff so passionate about quality craftsmanship

Ted B

The team at Butterfly Remodeling Group does the most amazing work!! My kitchen was cramped, featured the most outdated cabinetry ever, and was otherwise not conducive to long cooking and baking sessions. I love to cook and bake, so you can imagine my displeasure at a such a kitchen in an otherwise-wonderful house. I contacted Butterfly Remodeling Group after hearing a friend rave about their expert craftsmanship, and I can truly say I was not at all disappointed!
Team members worked with me from project start to finish to create a practical, beautiful kitchen that’s definitely become the hub of my home. The remodel included some expansion as well as new cabinet installation and several workstations. I am now pleased to say I have workstations for prepping, cooking, and cleanup, and even one just for baking! The island was another great installation that really makes working in my kitchen a joy instead of a tedious process. Everything is now where it should be, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I will happily recommend this highly-knowledge, professional, experienced team to anyone looking for a kitchen remodel, as they acknowledged my budget restrictions early on and never tried to force an expensive, worthless feature just to make more money. This team is honest, sensitive to time constraints as well as clients’ schedules, and really takes pride in their work. It’s very obvious everyone on the Butterfly Remodeling Group staff loves what they do and want to make you happy. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with, or a more perfect kitchen. It will also help me when I want to sell my home in a few years, as it’s definitely a huge selling point!
Work with Butterfly Remodeling Group for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling...whatever you need. You will NOT BE disappointed, as their dedication, professionalism, and craftsmanship is simply unmatched. I would recommend them to anyone, as they get the job done right the first time without messing up your schedule or taking weeks to complete the project.

Marcie A

If you’re tired of dealing with shady contractors who care about squeezing as much money out of you as possible and “disappear” when you need a repair, work with the rock stars at Butterfly Remodeling Group. This company is honest, and their work is simply awesome. I needed a serious kitchen remodel, as my kitchen was so small it was almost gally-sized. Butterfly Remodeling Group was recommended to me and I can say it was the best contractor recommendation I have ever received.

My kitchen remodel basically gutted what I had and turned it into something practical and visually-pleasing. I no longer have to feel confined by a small space, as there’s plenty of room. There’s also plenty of storage space, as the team created extra cabinetry and shelving to make the most of the bare walls. I even have tiered cabinetry now, which is helpful since I often forget about what’s in the back of my kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen island installed by Butterfly Remodeling Group deserves its own separate praise, as it’s made my life soooo much easier! It includes an extra sink and a second dishwasher, which I just love and are very helpful when I’m throwing huge dinner parties. The island also includes lots of work space that makes preparing meals fun instead of laborious.
Work with Butterfly Remodeling Group for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling...whatever you need. You will NOT BE disappointed, as their dedication, professionalism, and craftsmanship is simply unmatched. I would recommend them to anyone, as they get the job done right the first time without messing up your schedule or taking weeks to complete the project.

Mark H

We just adore the team at Butterfly Remodeling Group! Our master bathroom was looking terrible--a true eyesore. After weeks of dealing with less-than-amazing contractors whose quotes were extremely unreasonable, we found the Butterfly Remodeling website. My husband and I happily browsed their online gallery and read a few testimonials before deciding this was the team to work with.

It only took a few short weeks for this amazing remodeling company to transform our bathroom into a true sanctuary. I love taking bubble baths after challenging days at work, and our bathroom remodel includes a huge jacuzzi tub with jets that do great things for my lower back. We also love the his-and-her bathroom sinks, as my hubby and I constantly fought over counter space. Thanks to Butterfly Remodeling Group there’s plenty of room for both of us to get ready in the morning or before events without getting in each other’s way. We love it! .

I also have to comment on the friendly, professional demeanor exuded by every team member we worked with. They remained committed to getting the job done in a timely manner with as little interruption to our daily lives as possible. Considering the lazy contractors we’ve worked with in the past who took seemingly forever to finish even minor jobs, Butterfly Remodeling Group was a true godsend. My husband and I will gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a bathroom remodel, as this team really wants to create something magical and wonderful yet fantastically-practical for their clients. Seriously, what’s not to love when you work with this highly-talented team?? If you want the best, go with Butterfly Remodeling Group. You won’t be sorry!

Melanie K