Why Hardwood Flooring Beats Carpeting

Hardwood vs carpet is an age-old flooring debate, and one that requires serious consideration if undergoing home renovations. Your favorite hardwood flooring experts in Redondo Beach strongly recommend hardwood for most rooms, and offer a stellar list of reasons why. Check them out:


 Carpeting provides a haven for practically every type of allergen to collect. Dust, pet dander, mold and mildew, and other allergens settle into carpet fibers, and often result in watery eyes, sneezy noses, coughing fits, and other unpleasantness. Hardwood, in comparison, is hypoallergenic flooring that contributes to a healthy home whether you or family members suffer from allergies or not.

 Easy Cleaning

 Hardwood is one of the easiest flooring options to clean! All it requires is a quick sweep or mop, and you’re done. Carpeting, on the other hand, requires weekly vacuuming at the very least to keep it clean. It also requires semi-annual or annual shampooing for deep cleaning, which involves renting expensive equipment or hiring a carpet cleaning company. And even when you vacuum carpeting, you’re still stirring up allergens!


 One of the biggest components in carpet manufacturing is petroleum, which isn’t exactly a sustainable resource. Hardwood flooring is a much more eco-friendly option, as wood is a natural material. It’s important to check your chosen hardwood flooring was harvested in an environmentally-friendly way, however.

 Timeless Beauty

 Hardwood is arguably the most stunning of all the flooring possibilities, as its beauty is simply unmatched. It offers a timeless, classic look, whether in a living room, dining room, den, bedroom, or kitchen, while carpeting can look dated. If it’s severely stained…well, who wants to look at that?

 Review hardwood options with the talented team at Butterfly Remodeling Group today! The West Hollywood hardwood flooring experts are here to help you choose the right option for your needs.

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