Unique Kitchen Ideas

Getting ready to remodel your kitchen, and want it to feature a unique theme or element that brings a smile to the face of all who pass through? Before calling your local West Hollywood kitchen remodel experts, review a few unique ideas to help your kitchen go from boring to beautiful:

One Bold Color

Why not repaint your entire kitchen one strikingly-bold color, such as neon green or canary yellow? It creates an interesting focal point within your home, and arguably looks even more attractive if working with a small or narrow kitchen.


Want to add a beautiful aquarium to your home? Why not add one to your kitchen? Pinterest features tons of amazing aquariums in kitchen spaces, including those under sinks and counters. The results are spectacular, and you can go a step further if desired by adding backsplashes made of beach glass and counters featuring stunning sea-colored glass.

Curved Design

Some of today’s coolest modern kitchens feature curved designs, such as curved islands, counters, and furniture. Match curved designs with black and white colors for an epically-modern kitchen space.

Pop Art

Have an affinity for pop art? Whether you worship Andy Warhol or constantly find yourself purchasing pop art images of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, think about infusing your kitchen with such options. Discuss mural and large-scale poster ideas with your West Hollywood kitchen remodel experts.


If your interest in all things steampunk continues to grow, make over your kitchen in steampunk fashion. Think of steel structures in Victorian train stations to get you started–again, Pinterest is a great resource–and add pieces such as wood-burning stoves, intricate clocks, coil spring stools and utensil holders, and anything else that catches your eye.

Discuss these and other unique kitchen ideas with your West Hollywood kitchen remodel experts today!

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