Spa Ideas For Small Bathrooms


Just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t provide a fabulous spa-like experience. If you don’t wish to expand your bathroom but want to give it a “facelift” of sorts, discuss ideas with the Santa Monica bathroom remodel team at Butterfly Remodeling Group. There’s plenty of ways to incorporate spa elements into a small bathroom space…check out a few options:

Reclaimed Bath Caddy

Rustic bath caddies made from reclaimed wood look amazing and provide that coveted spa tub experience. Use it to hold candles, books, and glasses of wine, as well as small decor pieces when not in use, such as large seashells.

Wooden Sink

A long, wooden, Asian-style sink complete with smooth river rocks at the bottom easily provides that spa feeling. Work with your existing sink counter space, or talk to your Santa Monica bathroom remodel team about installing a completely new option.

Floor-To-Ceiling Shelves

Getting more out of a small bathroom is very possible when walls are utilized efficiently. Creating floor-to-ceiling shelving is highly practical, and allows you to display fluffy towels, candles, toiletries in beautiful containers, and any other spa pieces you want.

Frosted & Colored Glass Window

Frosted and colored glass windows are much more visually pleasing than their plain-glass counterparts, and add considerable beauty to any small bathroom. They look especially incredible when paired with clear glass shower doors, as they’re always on full display. As an added bonus, clear shower doors add depth and make small bathroom spaces look much bigger.

Large Mirror

A large vanity mirror or a mirrored wall is another way to make a small bathroom look larger while simultaneously invoking the spa experience. If going the vanity route, think vintage mirrors with stunning wooden frames.

Go over these and other ideas with your Santa Monica bathroom remodel team today!

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