Renovating Your Bathroom? Types of Tubs to Consider

Before enlisting the help ofBeverly Hill’s bathroom remodel experts, it’s important to think about the type of tub you want, assuming you want one at all. You may opt for a spacious shower stall and forgo the tub entirely, but if you desire to keep this bathroom staple, there’s numerous options to review. Check out what your bathroom remodeling team in Beverly Hills wants you to know:

Recessed Tub

The recessed tub is the most common type of bathtub, and is usually comprised of enamel steel. This type of type is surrounded on three sides by walls, and is the usual option for smaller bathrooms.

Claw-Foot Tub

This option has existed for over a century, and remains a classic thanks to its timeless beauty. Claw-foot tubs are freestanding options that generally require large bathrooms, and subsequently include exposed plumbing. However, their attractiveness in combination with the freedom of movement they offer make them a very worthwhile possibility.

Drop-In Tub

Drop-in tubs are unique options that require a “deck” to be built before the tub is “dropped in.” These tubs feature rims ideal for placement of toiletries and candles, and like claw-foot tubs generally require larger spaces. Drop-in tubs are usually in the center of the bathroom and therefore provide a lovely focal point.

Corner Tubs

Corner tubs feature a triangular shape and are finished on all sides save the corner end. They’re actually five-sided, and are considered one of the more luxurious tub options. They also require more space due to their size.

Other bathtub possibilities included jetted, or whirlpool, tubs, and walk-in tubs. The latter is ideal for those with reduced mobility.

Review these options with theBeverly Hills bathroom remodel experts at Butterfly Remodeling Group today and enjoy a beautiful new tub!

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