Remodeling Your Small Bathroom

Remodeling a small bathroom is no simple task. In fact, bathroom renovations in West Hollywood are not quite as easy as one might think as there are many factors that need to be considered.

Remodeling a small bathroom is especially challenging because it must contain all the elements of a large bathroom but in less space. When remodeling a bath or creating a new one, you must think about functionality, appearance, fixtures, storage, space and of course, cost.

The first most important factor to look at is space. How much space do you have to remodel or build your bath. Once you have determined the square footage, then you can consider the possibilities of how to make it appear larger.

There are many ways to make a small bathroom during bathroom remodel in Santa Monica appear larger. For example, consider the installation of pocket doors instead of hinged doors. Choose one large mirror instead of several smaller ones. The larger mirror will be less confusing to the eye. Also, choose light­colored finish materials instead of deep­heavy colored materials. Choosing clear­glass shower doors are also perfect as they stretch space visually. And lastly, and you can unify the bath by using one finish for all the trim and hardware.

Now let’s consider storage space. Storage space is usually at a premium in small baths, so consider recessing an 8­inch­deep bath cabinet above the vanity. Install the vanity at a comfortable height—36 inches off the floor for most adults or 43 inches if you are taller than the average person. Also, select a vanity with drawers or bins, or add organizers for toiletries and cleaning supplies to a unit that comes unequipped with these items. Also, avoid pedestal sinks in a small, full bath. Although they look great, they are impractical because they do not provide storage. But if you must use a pedestal sink, include one that has open shelves or a tile­lined niche behind or adjacent to it. You may even consider using cabinetry 16 or 18 inches deep instead of the usual 21 inches. Or choosing a small­scale pedestal lavatory is another viable option worth considering.

Keep in mind that no matter how small a bathroom you are planning, it must include certain items and features; Ground­fault circuit interrupters (GFCI’s), toilets, proper ventilation, adequate lighting and safety features. GFCI’s are required by code to protect receptacles in wet areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens. They quickly break the circuit, which can prevent a potentially fatal shock from a blow­dryer or electric shaver.

Toilets: For maximum efficiency, choose a toilet bowl with a large water surface and make sure there is sufficient space around the toilet for comfortable access­ideally, at least 16 inches from the center line of the toilet and walls or fixtures on either side. Also allow at least 30 inches from the front of the toilet to the nearest object.

One must also consider proper ventilation. Proper ventilation will prevent moisture from getting trapped in the bath, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. This moisture can also destroy wall coverings, harm wallboard and other building components and saturate insulation, rendering it useless. Moisture can be extracted by installing a ducted exhaust fan on a timer. Most timers will allow you to set the fan for 15 to 60 minutes to remove heat, steam and condensation. Choose a fan according to the cubic feet per minute of air it moves. To find how out much you need, divide the cubic footage of the room by 7.5. Look for a fan that generates 6.5 sones or less of noise.

Adequate lighting is also needed for shaving, applying and removing makeup and other grooming tasks. Include task­specific and ambient, or general, light. Include a light fixture above the tub and/or in the shower. Flank the vanity or pedestal lavatory with a pair of decorative sconces or multi­bulb theatrical strips.
And lastly but most importantly, consider safety. Choose cabinets with locks for medicines and cleaning supplies is an especially important safeguard against poisoning if you live with or are visited by young children.

If you have additional ideas or suggestions for bathroom renovations in Los Angeles, please feel free to share them with us!

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