Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

A kitchen backsplash provides a practical as well as aesthetic purpose. It creates a surface for easily cleaning cooking spills and splatters, and adds more color and character to this oft-used room. The West Hollywood kitchen remodel experts at Butterfly Remodeling Group will happily help you install the backsplash of your kitchen dreams, and offer the following ideas to inspire you:

Living Wall

A backsplash that’s also a living wall is ideal if you enjoy incorporating natural elements in decor projects. Such walls also make the space healthier, as plants provide fantastic air-cleaning abilities.


Whether using a vintage chalkboard or chalkboard paint, this type of backsplash is both fun and functional. It creates space to write recipe instructions, notes to family members, favorite quotes, and anything else you want.

Scrap Wood

Scrap wood that’s been waterproofed, such as pieces from an old barn or mill, add something rustic and beautiful to any kitchen.


Old maps, such as those for subway and regional rail systems, look amazing as kitchen backsplashes. They’ll require waterproofing, but the end result is well worth it, as they add considerable character and flair. If subway maps and the like aren’t interesting to you, try maps of favorite countries, or a large map of the world cut into backsplash-friendly pieces.

Family Photo

A medley of favorite (waterproofed) family photos is yet another unusual backsplash idea, as is one giant photo. Black and white photos are particularly elegant, and go perfectly with any contemporary kitchen.


Seashell collections easily become substantial after years of beach-going, and if you have a number of broken pieces you don’t know what to do with, consider turning them into a backsplash. Flat pieces are recommended for much easier cleaning, however the result is spectacular.

Discuss these and other creative backsplash ideas with the West Hollywood kitchen remodel experts at Butterfly Remodeling Group today, and enjoy bringing your vision to stunning life.

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