Creative Kid Bathroom Ideas

If your children have their own bathroom, it’s important to make the room fun and inviting so they want to do things such as take baths and brush their teeth. Kids love bright colors, so you can’t go wrong infusing the room with striking hues that make bath-time fun-time.

Check out a few creative kiddie bathroom ideas before calling your local Santa Monica bathroom remodel contractors:

Under the Sea

While not exactly a new bathroom idea, “under the sea” provides endless options destined to inspire your kids’ imaginations. Have the room painted green, blue, and white colors, and consider commissioning mosaics with tiles. The mosaic can be anything, from a ship’s anchor to one or more seashells to mermaids to boats. Sea glass-inspired tile looks great on the floor, and there’s plenty of bath toys, rugs, and other features to choose from.

Another alternative is to go the pirate route, and included framed pictures with sayings such as “Even pirates need to brush their teeth” and “Even pirates need to take baths.”

Favorite Cartoon Character

What’s your children’s favorite cartoon characters? Dedicate their bathroom exclusively to these characters. Have a wall that features only SpongeBob SquarePants and friends, or another that’s all about Dora the Explorer. Yet another possibility is to create a bathroom that features images of every cartoon character you can think of, including Marvin the Martian, Donald Duck, My Little Ponies, Scooby-Doo, etc.


Talk to your Santa Monica bathroom remodel experts about a rainbow-colored bathroom. Consider a rainbow mural with a pot of gold at the end, as well as colorful tile, shower curtains, rugs, vanity, and more.

Create the ideal bathroom for your children and instill lifelong good hygiene habits!

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