Choosing The Right Pavers For Your Property: A Few Options

Pavers add sophistication and elegance to any property, and come in numerous forms. If in the process of revamping your front or back yard and can’t quite decide on the right pavers, allow the experienced team at Butterfly Remodeling Group to assist you. The Beverly Hills remodeling experts are well-versed in paver types and offer installation as one of their many services.

Natural Stone

Natural stone pavers look beautiful and are most commonly available in fieldstone or flagstone. Stone pavers also come in granite, bluestone, marble, cantera, travertine, and limestone form, with limestone pavers typically used for edging purposes. These pavers are among the more expensive options and aren’t recommended for high-traffic areas as they tend to break under extreme pressure. However, they make a lovely addition to any landscape, come in a variety of colors and shapes, and provide that rustic feel so many love.


Brick pavers are less expensive than natural stone and are made from clay or concrete and aggregate dyed in brick hues. Such pavers come in many colors and are known for their resilience and stain resistance. Sealants shield concrete/aggregate brick pavers from UV rays, while clay pavers retain their color naturally.


Concrete pavers are 100% manufactured and made from concrete mixed with aggregate. As with brick they’re known for their supreme durability and may be manufactured to imitate the look of natural stone. Concrete pavers come in a range of styles and colors and are a favorite for those looking to budget their landscaping projects.


Rubber pavers are made of recycled tires and therefore a very environmentally-friendly option. They’re ideal if part of your property features swings and other playground equipment for the kids, as they provide a soft cushion underfoot. Rubber pavers are also cheap, low-maintenance, and provide a non-slip surface.

Let your Los Angeles remodeling team install the right pavers for your property! For more on remodeling services in Los Angeles, please contact Butterfly Remodeling Group today.

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