Bathroom Color Scheme Suggestions

Your bathroom is more than the place you wash, as it also provides refuge after a long day when all you want is to soak in the tub. Choosing the right bathroom color or color scheme is subsequently very important, as you want the room to promote relaxation and tranquility, yes? Review your Los Angeles remodeling team’s bathroom color scheme suggestions before giving them a call:

Pastels: A 2016 Favorite

Pastel hues are among the favorite bathroom colors for 2016, and it’s not challenging to understand why. Cool blue, peach, lavender, and green hues create that coveted peaceful, easy feeling while also making small bathrooms appear larger. Dark, more severe hues such as red, dark green, and dark purple have also been popular bathroom shades this year, however they and other dark colors make small rooms feel even more cramped.

Two Neutrals

Combining two neutral colors look fabulous in any bathroom regardless of size. Gray and white is one outstanding example that’s very modern and provides an understated look without appearing mundane. Home decor experts recommend going for the 70/30 ratio when mixing two colors to create a fresh, contemporary appearance.

Three Colors

Try three colors together, such as a neutral grayish hue with red and black. Use a 70/20/10 ratio for three colors to achieve best results and not overwhelm all who enter your bathroom. The lightest color should take up 70% of the color palette, the second-lightest 20%, the darkest 10%.

Two “Brights”

Another two-color option to try is two bright colors, though again it’s best to use the 70/30 ratio. Bright blue looks fantastic with bright lime green, but feel free to experiment, especially if keeping your home’s overall color scheme in mind.

These are merely some bathroom color ideas! Contact your West Hollywood bathroom remodeling team at Butterfly Remodeling Group today for more options or to schedule a consultation.

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